Behavior Modification Program

At My Dog Training Center, LLC, we recognize that there are some dogs who may require some extra help and effort to develop good social skills. With that in mind, we offer a one-on-one training option. Each dog receives a custom program based on his or her needs and owner’s budget and schedule. Sometimes it is important to remember when working with a challenging dog to “think outside the box” and find the “good dog” inside. While it may not be easy at times, the rewards are worth it!


Focus and Attention

Focus Foundation work is important for both pet and sport dogs. It is the basis for all future training. Most dogs, like gamblers, have a “tell”. In their subtle way, they will tell us that they need more information from us or are bothered by something in their environment. This class helps orient the handler to look for and understand the communication coming up the leash. Owners who learn to give and get feedback find that their dog becomes a willing partner in any activity they chose. Dogs find that their owner is an easy person to live with.



Breed Handling

These classes are designed to prepare both handler and dog for competing in the conformation ring. Dogs learn how to "stack" (stand correctly and show off their lines) for the judge, and the correct "gaits" (moving correctly). Dog and handler practice the typical patterns called by competition judges.



Ring Rental

If you are looking for a place to practice, My Dog Training Center, LLC,offers ring rentals by appointment. Our building is heated and air conditioned with a cushioned carpet surface. The training room is 40ft X 60ft and the rental price includes the use of any or all of the agility or obedience equipment. The cost is $30.00/hour up to 3 people. $5.00/hour for each additional person. We also offer use of the entire facility for group functions, including breed club meetings, obedience, rally or conformation matches. Please call for details and pricing.




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